About Me.

In a few words, Im a 23, easy going but focused, motion designer based in Lille (France).

I learned motion design after school-hours for almost 10 years. From logo design to creative thinking, I am eager to learn more and the variety of my skills allows me to work on vastly different projects, from start to finish. Having a degree in marketing makes me want to go further than most designers.

In 2020, I finally decided to establish myself as a self-taught motion designer (Yay!).

I deliver sleek and creative solutions for my clients, always keeping in mind the business objectives that need to be achieved.

If we have the pleasure to work together, you’ll see that I attach equal importance to project management and therefore you’ll get a clear overview of the work in progress. And by being my priority, I’ll make myself reachable as easily as possible to ensure a smooth and transparent communication for the well-being of the project (a bit long but true).


I also have a fishing license but of course nobody cares.



Creative Strategy

3D Imagery for web design

3D  for Three.js


Motion Graphics

3D Product  Animation


AR Filters


This is a, quick, non-exhaustive list of my skills and the fields that passionate me the most.
 If your project doesn’t really fit in here, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will see what I can do, or put you in touch with a fellow designer that can handle the job!